Explore dungeons in 3D environment or create your own using a rich toolbox that provides a great freedom of dungeon design. The aim of each game is to find as many treasures (Steam games giveaways) as possible and escape the dungeon.
Deep and diverse RPG game with all the features of the genre: classes, battle system, level progression, inventory and even multiplayer interactions. The aim of each game is to complete a quest and find as many treasures (Steam games giveaways) as possible.

Steam Dungeons 3D spring 2020 update is live: features list + tutorial

The huge update of Steam Dungeons 3D has finally been released and the website goes back online! The update brings quite a lot of new features for both adventurers and…

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Massive Steam Dungeons 3D (Dungeon Sandbox) update is on the testing stage

Somewhere in the Spring of last year I started working on the big update of Dungeon Sandbox based on the suggestions I got. The main goal was to improve the…

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Sandbox Treasure Hunt details

The work is in progress, and moreover, I’ll soon be ready to release it. And since I am late for September, I decided I can take some time to present the Treasure Hunt properly. After all, it turned into a totally new game based on Dungeon Sandbox, even though it stayed within it.

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