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Steam Dungeons 3D spring 2020 update is live: features list + tutorial

The huge update of Steam Dungeons 3D has finally been released and the website goes back online! The update brings quite a lot of new features for both adventurers and dungeon creators in order to make the process of playing and creating much more fun.

Let’s take a look at the list of features!

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Fully remade minimap.

Minimap isn’t any longer as “mini” as it used to be smile You can view the whole explored area by “moving” around the minimap, see the walls, objects (and their status) and yet unexplored, but already discovered tiles. You can also zoom in and out and, as a creator, set textures of your dungeon and even edit event objects right through the minimap.

Highly improved UI

This change is mostly aimed at creators, but players get to enjoy some updates as well, for example updated inventory, which now has Items and Treasures separated. It’s a huge part of the update in general, and it is aimed to make the creation process more convenient and enjoyable, e.g., when creating a switch that opens a door, you don’t have to look for the door ID, but just have to choose it as a target when editing the switch – awesome, right? Many new elements have been added to UI for convenience reasons, such as sliders, select options, numeric inputs, etc. and the whole interface got a more polished look with separation of different functions into categories/tabs. If you ever tried creating a dungeon in the previous version, I can guarantee you will love the new features smile

Updated files and DB structure

With the experience I got as a web developer I got better understanding of structuring project files and database. Reworking project structures allowed to make better use of server resources and easen future support and development of the project.

It is now possible to set multiple co-editors in your dungeon

As a creator, you can set as many people as co-editors in your dungeon as you wish. It will allow them to enter your dungeon at the creation stage and edit it together with you. So make sure to add only people you trust who won’t ruin your dungeon instead blum

Added copy and paste feature for surface attributes

You can now easily copy any tile’s attributes and paste on other tiles – this allows you to quickly “decorate” your dungeon without a need to do tons of repetitive actions.

Added possibility to copy and paste any event object

Need to set multiple custom doors around your dungeon? Just copy one you already have and paste it wherever you need. See how much time this single feature will save you smile

Added marker object

This new unique (meaning you can only have 1 marker) object type is available only to creators and is aimed to make their life easier. It serves as a target for different new actions creators can now make, e.g. move existing event object to marker’s location or set marker location as a target for a portal (you won’t have to type in the coordinates manually anymore!).

Notes have been completely remade

This is a feature that, unlike most others, is aimed exclusively at the players. Players can now put notes anywhere on the minimap to mark different important spots, and even choose the icon color to make a distinction between different note types. All notes can be read in one place as well.

Area textures are now deprecated

There is no use for them anymore since tile textures can now be pasted right on the minimap.

Players can now pull switches on side walls

Here is another one aimed at the dungeon explorers – this one opens new possibility for record breakers, allowing to make new records even in the older dungeons.

Fixed display on many PC resolutions

The game now looks fine on more PC resolutions, in particular, on ultra-wide monitors.

Added possibility to upload images and audio files

Each creator can now use 25mb of server’s space for their dungeon (this value can be increased on request if your dungeon is huge). You can now upload image and audio files needed in the dungeon and not worry about them disappearing one day. Misuse of this feature (for hosting files unrelated to the dungeon) will, of course, be strictly punishable, since I don’t have unlimited resources.

You can watch the tutorial right now to see all the main features being used for creating a dungeon from scratch:

Try them out for yourself and see how easy it is now to create your own dungeon: 3d.steamdungeons.com

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