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Massive Steam Dungeons 3D (Dungeon Sandbox) update is on the testing stage

Somewhere in the Spring of last year I started working on the big update of Dungeon Sandbox based on the suggestions I got. The main goal was to improve the minimap and creator’s interface in general, so that’s the main 2 points the update focuses on.

What’s the problem with the minimap?

The minimap was too basic, not providing much useful information except the current position of a player in the dungeon (and even that was a bit confusing due to restricted area visibility).

What’s the problem with creator’s interface?

Dungeon creation process was a bit too complicated (because of the poor minimap as well), making creators always keep in mind object IDs, make lots of repetetive or abundant actions which had no way to be automized or simplified. Thus the main goal of the update was to make the creation process more user-friendly so that more players would actually try themselves as dungeon creators to see how fun it is. smile

So, why did it take so long?

Unfortunately, my motivation was soon completely blown away by the attitude of one of steamgifts moderators – that was not what I expected to see from the administration of a community I volunteerly dedicated my projects to (with thousands of hours as well as lots of money) trying to bring some innovation to it. Perhaps there was some misunderstanding which I failed to clarify at that time, but that event had an enormous impact on me. That’s when I almost abandoned the work on the update, until late 2019, when I saw that people still care.

The interest of the community restored my interest (Grez and Kyrrelin – thank you so much!): their new ideas, suggestions and dungeons gave me huge boosts of motivation. All I need is the interest of the community, any feedback is a huge motivational factor – nothing is more valueable than knowing that what you do is appreciated by someone, and I very often miss that.

Many of the ideas by Grez that he shared in the Autumn of last year were added in the to-do list of the update, and seeing that someone still cares about the project, I was again motivated enough to continue the work.

And here I am, done implementing the features I wanted to implement in the update, and finally getting to the testing stage – I need to make sure things work as expected before finally making a release.

I’m very happy with the things done in the update and how the creation process goes with all the new features, I hope you will love it too. smile

If I won’t encounter many problems during this testing stage, I will be able to release the update by the end of this week.

Keen in mind that SD 3D website will be on maintenance until the update is released.

The list of all features included in the update will be shared in the private Patreon post.

Spread the word and leave a comment! :)

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