Explore dungeons in 3D environment or create your own using a rich toolbox that provides a great freedom of dungeon design. The aim of each game is to find as many treasures (Steam games giveaways) as possible and escape the dungeon.
Deep and diverse RPG game with all the features of the genre: classes, battle system, level progression, inventory and even multiplayer interactions. The aim of each game is to complete a quest and find as many treasures (Steam games giveaways) as possible.

The news I have to share

Hello everyone!

The year comes to an end and I’d like to inform you guys about the current situation with my projects.

Last few months have been highly unproductive – things have changed quite a bit in my life recently, I’ve still been very busy with my job and other important stuff and could barely find any time or energy to focus and work on my lovely dungeon games.

I’m in a kind of creative crysis right now with loads of ideas, but no time. I know I will go through it one day, but at this moment I have to make a certain decision.

My development goals for this year, unfortunately, will not be reached, and I can not say when the Treasure Hunt or Shadow Dungeons update would see the light.

Since I let you guys down, I decided to cancel the Patreon campaign and continue development in the shadows little by little whenever I happen to find time and inspiration without any plans and promises.

All the tiers on my Patreon page have been removed (it is available under a new URL by the way: https://www.patreon.com/babenco), meaning that there are no more patron-only awards from now on and there is no reason to support me for any advantages.

With that being done, I want to say a HUGE Thank You to everyone who supported me on Patreon for such a long time, helping me to pay for hosting services and domains – to keep what’s already been done afloat.

Special thank you to the most glorious heroes – Dominik (
YoSoyPinguino ), Kuzurreesh (Kuzu), Michael (Mikalye), Vladimir (PraX) – for supporting me up to this very moment. Thank you guys so so much!

I know that I don’t deserve your support anymore though, so, please, feel free to cancel your pledges without hesitation – you are already legends for me. After all, I can’t put nearly as much time and effort into my projects as I could before and I just don’t want to let any of you guys down anymore.

Everyone who supported my projects continuously will stay a VIP member forever (ABoss, Caractacus, Dan, YoSoyPinguino, Kuzu, Mark, Mikalye, PraX), maintaining a special Discord status and absence of ads on any of my projects.

I am very sorry if I disappointed anyone, but things are the way they are. I probably should have made this announcement a bit earlier, but the false hope that I could get more free time soon didn’t let me go for quite a while. It didn’t happen until now, but I know it will happen.

Hope you guys are not very upset smile I do not plan to stop and will still keep the development little by little, letting you know about new updates whenever they come. There are still tons of ideas waiting to come to life.

Wishing you all a great December and happy upcoming holidays!

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