Explore dungeons in 3D environment or create your own using a rich toolbox that provides a great freedom of dungeon design. The aim of each game is to find as many treasures (Steam games giveaways) as possible and escape the dungeon.
Deep and diverse RPG game with all the features of the genre: classes, battle system, level progression, inventory and even multiplayer interactions. The aim of each game is to complete a quest and find as many treasures (Steam games giveaways) as possible.

Sandbox Treasure Hunt details

Despite all my efforts to get the new Dungeon Sandbox game mode – called Sandbox Treasure Hunt – released in September, my hopes to do so turned out to be too optimistic! Game development is a highly creative process – sometimes inspiration leaves me, my thoughts completely revolve around different things in my life and I can’t focus on creation – I learned that in such days I shouldn’t touch my projects as I would only waste time. I never know when inspiration would come, but when it does, I try to use it to the fullest.

In conclusion

I am bad at setting deadlines. Certainly.

Still, the work is in progress, and moreover, I’ll soon be ready to release it. And since I am late for September, I decided I can take some time to present the Treasure Hunt properly. After all, it turned into a totally new game based on Dungeon Sandbox, even though it stayed within it.

My presentation in the Steam group announcement was a little vague, so let me provide you a wider picture of the project soon to be released.

Huge world to explore

Treasure Hunt is a hunt for Steam gifts which will take place in the Sandbox Dungeon randomly generated within 256×256 tiles area – the map will have 65536 tiles all in all – that is a huge world to explore!

The dungeon will be seamlessly looped, meaning that once you reach any of the edges, you will continue walking from the opposite one. In other words, it will be round like planet Earth smile

There is always someone around

Treasure Hunt takes Dungeon Sandbox in a totally new direction partly inspired by my other game – Shadow Dungeons – though it will still stay much more casual and beginner-friendly. In Treasure Hunt, all players will be able to see each other and even chat with one another, thus allowing to cooperate and search for treasures together.

Interaction with surroundings

Besides interacting with one another, players will get a wide choice of interactions with the dungeon itself – any block in the dungeon can be destroyed with the right tools, so when you won’t see a way, you’ll have to make one! While walking and digging through the dungeon, players will also encounter many creatures who happen to live there – and, as you might have guessed, they won’t like our presense!

These guys don’t seem too friendly, do they?

Time to fight once again

Since monsters around you won’t likely want to be friend with you (sorry!), you will have to give them a fight. So, another fresh new thing in Treasure Hunt will be an ability to use different weapons to clear your way from unfriendly beasts.

The world that evolves with players

As you progress through the dungeon, use different tools and weapons, you will improve your skills which will allow you to fight tougher monsters and destroy tougher walls which will let you uncover new paths and find new treasures.

As the heroes will improve their skills and reach higher levels, the dungeon will evolve, spawn new creatures, uncover new areas and also reward the adventurers by spawning special artifacts at random places – the finders of such artifacts will be able to influence the world in interesting ways by using their special power. This way the dungeon will be changing – partly randomly, partly by the players – all the time: from the beginning to the end.

Treasure Hunt will take place not only in dark dungeons, but also in open ares, e.g. forests.

Total synchronization

All changes in the dungeon will be synchronized for all players. If you destroy a block, it will be destroyed for everyone else. If someone killed a monster, you will see its body on the floor.


Players in Treasure Hunt will have limited energy (remember early Game of sWords?) which will be replenished every day. This means that players will be able to make certain amount of actions every day. Thus, it would be wise to cooperate with other player to find as many treasures as possible in a limited period of time.

It would take approximately from 2 weeks to a month before the dungeon regenerates and restarts with new treasures.

Also, just like in Shadow Dungeons, players would be able to contribute Steamgifts giveaways to receive all kinds of bonuses that would help to go faster and further.

That is all for now! Hope you are liking this new way of sharing updates through the blog. I think that the best thing about it is the newsletter which makes sure you never miss a new update, and since the Treasure Hunt starts very soon – make sure to subscribe to it! smile

See you soon!

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  1. Wow! Amazing work, SErVER! laugh
    I like the blog very much!

    Also, pics of your dungeon looks really good! I will repeat myself, but it reminds me so much of Might and Magic! I love it! :3

    Can’t wait to explore it. wink

    Keep up the good work and don’t worry yourself with deadlines. I don’t like them too. wink

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