- Welcome to Steam Dungeons! -

Steam Dungeons unites 2 games of Dungeon Crawling genre that provide possibility to share and find giveaways of Steam games using SteamGifts service.

Shadow Dungeons is a "Hardcore" part of Steam Dungeons and the "elder brother" among two games - its main constituent is a deep and diverse RPG system that has all the features of the genre: classes, battle system, level progression, inventory, quests and even multiplayer interactions. The aim of Shadow Dungeons game is to go through a unique adventure and complete a quest which has its own story and events.

Dungeon Sandbox is a "Casual" part of Steam Dungeons - it focuses on puzzle solving and exploration and while it lacks any complex RPG features, it uses a 3D engine which allows users to create their own dungeons and provides great freedom of designing them and filling them with all kinds of objects and events. Creators can hide SteamGifts giveaways or any other information in their own dungeons and easily share them.

- Steam Dungeons by Konstantin Babenco, 2015-2019 -